Perhaps, nothing inspires us to keep doing what we do like the words of appreciation we receive from our clients & volunteers.

Here are a few bites from our patrons & workers


"I’m the cook in the family, or at least I was the cook in the family.  I can’t stand now, so I can’t do any cooking.  Meals on Wheels have very nice people.  They take my mail to the mailbox for me.  So they’re very nice people, even beyond bringing me my food.  I haven’t met anybody from San Pedro Meals on Wheels that wasn’t very pleasant."

-Mercedes Llatta (Client)


"I’ve been a volunteer for almost a year.  I lost my husband a little over a year ago, and I just needed to have something rewarding to do, to get up out of the house and be productive again.  I’m doing for those that can’t do it for themselves.  That is very rewarding."

-Karen Miller (Volunteer)

"I served a three-year term on the Board of Directors for San Pedro Meals on Wheels.  I’ve served as a delivery person, and as a driver.  I’ve helped out in the office, and helped Chef Mike in the kitchen.   In the beginning, I didn’t know a thing about it except that it operated out of the church’s upstairs kitchen.  Dolores Teuber thought it would be a good thing for me to get involved, and pitched it pretty well. Everybody who was doing it was crazy about what they did.  The best part about volunteering was being the delivery person.  Sometimes they didn’t see anybody all day long, but you.  They didn’t even care if you gave them the lunch; they were just so glad to see a smiling face.  I hope that if someone in my family needed this service, it would be available.  At the end of my two years I felt like I knew what we were all about, and I wouldn’t take anything from the experience."

-Sandy Clayson (Former President, San Pedro Meals on Wheels)


"I love [San Pedro] Meals on Wheels.  My son says, ‘You still take Meals on Wheels?’  I says, ‘I love it.’  I don’t know what I’d do without it… because my driver’s license is gone, and the only way that I get meals is to have them deliver it to me.  I appreciate it.  I’d say I’ve had them for almost 20 years.  It doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’re 95 like I am… time means something.  They’ve been really good to me.  They really have."

-Art Halber (Client)

"I come in once a week to help Chef Mike in the kitchen.  I like to give back.  I can’t think of anything more basic in terms of giving back than to make sure people get decent hot meals during the day; people who would otherwise go hungry or be eating snack foods because they couldn’t cook for themselves or get out.  The idea of fixing something nutritious for them and deliver it to their door and see them through the week?  I think that’s great."

-Vicky Kamalbakal (Volunteer)


"We want to be involved in the community.  We’re retired, and it’s good to volunteer to get out of the house.   We meet some great people on our route.  They’re always thankful.  It makes us feel good, and it fulfills our need to give back.   There are folks who can’t cook for themselves.  This is a really good service.  It doesn’t take that much time to do it, and you’re helping people out."

-Rick & Pat Hildebrandt (Volunteers)

"Since I started using San Pedro Meals on Wheels I’ve gained weight…  But I needed to since I left the hospital.  My daughter got me onto this because she knows I don’t cook.  When you get older you don’t fix a lot of food.  You really don’t.  My kids come out to help me, but they can’t stay forever; they work.  I really count on [San Pedro Meals on Wheels].  I mean, it’s changed my life… Because I never fixed dinner before, but now I eat.  They really know what they’re doing.  It’s a God-send, and the people are so nice.  I’ve been recommending Meals on Wheels because word-of-mouth is the best.  My friend - from across the alley - he and I were good friends, and he had San Pedro Meals on Wheels all the time.  He recommended them to me, and they’ve saved my life." 

-Mary Dennis (Client)

"I’ve been in construction all my life.  Now being retired, I decided I’m too active to be sitting at home.  I volunteer three days a week.  It takes approximately an hour and a half to two hours a day.  I could do it all day; its rewarding…  I’m just very happy that God has blessed me with the health, and I can do this…"

-Bill Miller (Volunteer)