Our Method

We deliver a sack lunch and a hot meal, mid day, five days a week, except on major holidays.  If a major holiday falls during the week, usually we can bring an extra meal to cover that day.  The service area includes all of the San Pedro community and nearby Rancho Palos Verdes.

We are funded by donations & grants, and the current cost to those to whom we deliver is only a few dollars per day.  

Food is purchased from wholesale suppliers and local markets, bringing you fresh vegetables, fresh fish and USDA certified meat & poultry.  Food from non-commercial sources cannot be used because of Los Angeles County Department of Health regulations.  We have regular kitchen inspections, and you may be assured that we always provide high quality & healthy food.  The kitchen and preparation are continually rated “A”  (the highest any food service organization may receive).  

Meals are packaged immediately after being cooked and are delivered promptly to homes by volunteers using their own cars.  Each delivery includes a delicious & nutritious, piping hot dinner for midday, as well as, a light snack for later.

Our paid staff includes an Office Assistant and a Chef.  All others are volunteers, including our Board of Directors.