How long has San Pedro Meals on Wheels been in existence?

  • San Pedro Meals on Wheels was started in 1972 by church women.  An ecumenical group of women wanted a local project to serve the needs of people unable to provide daily nutritious meals for themselves.

What is San Pedro's relationship to the national Meals on Wheels program?

  • San Pedro Meals on Wheels was developed with the same concept in mind as the national program, but is altogether independent from the national organization.  It was chartered by the State of California in July, 1972.

Is San Pedro Meals on Wheels a not-for-profit organization?

How Do I make a Donation?

  • Donations are accepted at San Pedro Meals on Wheels, 731 S. Averill Ave., San Pedro, CA  90731 and are acknowledged with a receipt.

My Dr’s office needs San Pedro Meals on Wheels information in their reception area.  How do I help them?

  • We will gladly supply local doctor's offices, the local hospital and convalescent homes with materials detailing our program and service costs.  Please contact us for more information.